Terms & Conditions

hereinafter referred to as “LESSOR” being the lawful owner of the Car described overleaf, hereby rents to the customer, hereinafter referred to as “HIRER” who signed overleaf subject to all Terms & Conditions herein on this Rental Agreement in consideration whereof the HIRER acknowledges and agrees that:

      • One day rent means 24 hours, one hour grace period is given as to return the car, otherwise full day charge shell be applied. In case of Confiscation of the vehicle hirer shall be responsible to bear all the Fees/Fines and value of the vehicle and the due rent.
      • Hirer hereby acknowledges that he/she has fully inspected the car, checked its serviceability and accepted the car as its present condition and will return in same condition at the end of the Rental Agreement.
      • The vehicle was delivered to Hirer in good condition as per check-out inspection and hirer undertakes to keep sufficient level of fuel, water & oil in vehicle.
      • The hirer is not allowed to take car out of Malaysia & no rental refund will be made in case HIRER Terminates Rental Contract before Expiry Date.
      • The hirer is forbidden to transfer and carry any items that are not allowed in the law of Malaysiai, such as alcohol drinks and other forbidden items.
      • In the event of accident where Hirer at Fault or Hit & Run Case Insurance Excess Charges / Deductible max 1500 RM is payable, in addition Hirer must pay daily rent while the vehicle is being repaired.
      • In case of an accident resulting from the driver/hirer being under the influence of alcohol or any other substitute having the same effect then the Hirer has to pay complete compensation for the damages occurred to the vehicle & any legal costs involved to release the car.
      • The hirer agrees to pay for all traffic fines and parking tickets during the rental period, with additional Administration Fees of  RM 20/- per fine. The company reserves the rights within one year of the end of such rental contract, to claim any such unpaid amounts from the hirer.
      • It is hereby agreed upon between the hirer and the LESSOR that in Case of Total loss / Cancellation of vehicle by Malaysia Police / RTA Dept. (vehicle beyond economical repairs) the hirer agrees to pay the company total amount of RM 5500/-(Not applicable if the hirer not at fault).
      • Hirer not allowed to take vehicle for repairs, should inform LESSOR for any service required (All repairs should be done at agency workshops only).
      • Hirer should inform any abnormality/malfunctioning in the vehicle with-in 1 hour of start of contract, any abnormality/malfunctioning detected later will be repaired/replaced at hirer’s cost.
      • Hirer is not allowed to hand over /give up possession of the vehicle to any other person.
      • No permission to use the vehicle outside Malaysia, insurance policy valid inside Malaysia only.
      • LESSOR permission is required to extend the rent period, any hirer driving with expired contract remains totally liable for damages out of any accident during such period.
      • Hirer has to visit LESSOR office for extension of contract / collection / delivery / service, etc.
      • The hirer who bears a Malaysia license that hasn’t passed a year on it from the date of issue or if the hirer is less than 25 years old will be responsible for all the damage occurred of any accident / an excess of DHS 2000 + 20% of claim/loss amount.
      • The LESSOR is not responsible for any cash or valuables belonging to the hirer that may be lost whilst the vehicle is in HIRER’s possession or after the entire period of the hire when car is returned back to LESSOR.
      • The hirer must ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe and secure place when it is not in use. Any damage caused to the vehicle including damage due to acts of god will be the sole responsibility of the hirer as these damages cannot be claimed from the insurance.
      • The Renter allowed to drive- 300 km/day on daily rentals, 1500kms/week on weekly rentals & 5000 Kms/month on monthly rentals, above that, will be charge 25 fils per additional Km.
      • The hirer agrees to return the vehicle with same quantity of fuel or pay for the same at the end of the rent period as delivered at start of rental contract.
      • The hirer agrees that in case of any breach of contract, LESSOR reserves rights to repossess the car back and charge hirer any loss of income that may be incurred due to hirer’s breach of contract.
      • No articles which might cause damage to the vehicle or its upholstery shall be transported in the vehicle, any damage to interiors / exteriors / tires /upholstery / electronic gadgets/ any part of vehicle will be charged to hirer at AGENCY prices.
      • Hirer is not allowed to smoke/drink/eat inside vehicle, else any damage/foul smell arising will be charges to hirer.
      • The hirer agrees to use the vehicle for the purpose for which it has been licensed. The rented vehicle shall not be used for Motor sport events, racing, rallying and speed testing towing of the vehicle and transport of goods in violation of Malaysia Rules.
      • In case of Hirer absconding / not responding for consecutive 2 days, company reserves rights to repossess the car and claim from hirer any loss that company incurs due to Hirer, at the same time hirer cannot claim any damages from LESSOR. The Company is not responsible for any loss items in the vehicle.
      • Additional driver charges 50 RM per driver.
      • Fines should be paid in 2 working days by Renter, if not Hirer has a right to pay and addtional charges will apply.
      • 100 RM per black point if fine paid by Hirer.
      • Impounding fees 100 RM daily.
      • Tyre puncture and damage should be paid by Renter.
      • Police case closing changes 500 RM.
      • Collision damage waiver (CDW) coverages applies only with accident to another vehicle and it can be applied at extra cost.
      • Security Deposit and Rent required in advance.
      • If Hirer received any fine, rental payment will be adjusted towards the fine payment.

Legendary car rental cancellation policy:

Any cancellation within 24 hours prior to the service will be charged as one day rental only

  • Legendary car rental reserve the right to terminate service and charge full amount of services if renter Use of the vehicle for any illegal activity.
  • Cancellations must be made by Email or phone. Voice mails or any other application are not accepted as a cancellation unless you get confirmation reply.
  • Even that Legendary car rental taking all necessary care for your properties, we are not liable for any property or personal belongings left in the vehicle by the customer, renter or its passengers. Please take any valuables with you when handover the vehicle to us


Refunds Policy:

  •  Refunds will be processed automatically after the cancellation and will be made to the debit/credit card used for the original booking.
  • The amount to be refunded will be release within 10 days after completion of service.
  • If payment was by Credit card refund can be done by cash however bank charges will be deducted.