At Legendary Car Rental, we understand that there are many who are not privileged enough to afford luxury. We intend to become one of the best car rentals by bringing a wide range of luxury cars for rental in Malaysia at an affordable price. Luxury car rental in KL is a business that has just started getting people’s attention and hence the competition among agencies is relatively low. Low competition means the end consumer has to pay more. At Legendary Car Rental, we are committed at making luxury car rental in Kuala Lumpur a competitive business and therefore, with us, you will be able to find the best car rental deals in the city.

Why should you opt for luxury cars from us?

Luxury does not come cheap – which is why rentals worth RM 5,000/day and above is a common sight among customers when looking to rent luxury cars. Since we want to enable more people to afford luxury, we offer the lowest price for luxury cars in the city. In a way, it could be said that we offer the cheapest expensive cars that people in Malaysia could rent. Expensive yet cheap – quite ironic, right?

In order to keep the prices at minimum, majority of our cars start off with RM 1,000/day rentals. That’s 20% of what luxury car rentals typically charge, making us one of the best car rentals to offer a good value for money. Some of our best low-cost luxury cars include Mercedes CLA 45, C300, BMW G30, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Toyota Vellfire. All of these vehicles fall within the range of RM 1,000-1,500 – a pretty solid car rental deal! If you raise the bar a little and increase the rental by an additional RM 500, you can enjoy of the best low-prices for luxury cars by riding cars as cool as a Mercedes S500, Ford Mustang G.T, or an Audi R8.

Best Car rental deals with top-notch services

These rates are hard to find elsewhere, and we can most certainly assure you that with our top-notch services, you will not have to deal with troubles that customers have to face when they opt for cheap car rentals. We try our best to ensure that our car rental deals are the best car rental deals in Malaysia and that we charge the lowest price for luxury cars. Feel free to check out our catalogue on the homepage – it consists of all the different vehicles we offer with respect to their prices.

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