A Lamborghini Urus is the perfect rental choice for discerning travelers who want to have a bit of fun on their trip to KL. As a high-performance SUV, the Urus puts power and style above all other considerations. 

  • 641 horsepower. 0–60 in just over 3 seconds. A top speed of 190 miles per hour. All of those sound impressive in a performance car, but in a five-seat SUV, they’re bonkers. 

That kind of performance is what you get when you’re behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Urus at Luxury Car Rental Selangor 

Acceleration & Satisfaction 

It feels strange to sit behind the wheel of a Lamborghini with a turbocharged V8 and room for five, but the whip-like acceleration from a standstill leaves you neck-strained and satisfied. 

  • This thing is wickedly quick, with a claimed 0-to-62-mph time of 3.6 seconds. It might be quicker than that in the real world. That’s speedier than a Gallardo 😉

Horsepower & Sound Pitches 

With a horsepower peak at 6,000 rpm and an indicated redline of 6,500, the Urus is a strong-willed, torque-rich powerplant that produces burbly, low-frequency sounds. 

  • There are few sonic fireworks, though Corsa mode does open up the soundtrack a bit. 

The dominant sounds are of the induction and low-pitched exhaust variety, though driving next to walls will accentuate the off-throttle pops and bangs.

Body & Corsa Speciality

Urus also feels shockingly nimble in corners. Aided by active roll stabilization, an air suspension system that can lower the car up to 1.6 inches, active damping, torque vectoring, and sticky Pirelli Corsa rubber, the Urus manages to dance its way breezily through corners despite its relative heft. 

  • The standard 10-piston carbon ceramic brakes deliver phenomenal stopping power, though it sometimes feel like there’s some additional brake assist that’s boosting the slowdown efforts, making it difficult to finely modulate brake release during corner entry.

Driving with Urus

Urus’s all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, and torque vectoring enable a point-and-shoot approach at the track. 

  • Simply aim the steering wheel in the desired direction, drop the hammer, and the car barrels towards its trajectory like a heat-seeking missile.

Torque Conversion & Electronic Weapons 

the Urus’s torque converter unit feels appropriately tuned for a high-performance SUV, while offering a brutally effective launch control that holds power at about 2,500 rpm, then dumps it to all four wheels.

  • The Urus has a complex arsenal of electronics in its weapons cache. The center differential is a relatively conventional mechanical Torsen unit with a 40/60 power split. 

Also, Lamborghini’s first use of full torque vectoring shifts power left and right.

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This is an outrageously capable vehicle by any measure that can outperform supercars from just a few years ago, and feels perfectly at home at the track.

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