Luxury Car Rental Terms & Conditions

The renter has agreed to be held responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle.
The vehicle is only permitted to be used in the Peninsular Malaysia, and the renter is not permitted to use it elsewhere.
The Renter is Only allowed to use the Vehicle between the time period as mentioned in the agreement and any extension in the time may incur extra charges.
The payment for the Vehicle must be made in advance before the car can be used by the renter.
The Car deposit will be returned once the rental period has ended and after the car has been checked for the condition of the body, paint and interior.
Company will be obliged to act against the renter if he/she extends the car and does not pay on giving back the car.
Company will not be responsible if the renter is involved in any illegal activity while the car is under contract with the renter.
The renter allows the Company to act against the renter incase he/she does not provide the correct information and does not return the car after the rental period has ended.