Renting a car can be both good and bad. As long as you know how to rent a car in Malaysia like a pro you can save a lot of money and also enjoy peace of mind. It is more fun when you rent a luxury car in Malaysia especially if you are travelling for fun.

First and foremost know exactly what car do you want.

Luxury Car renting companies will push for the available cars they have or some bad car rental companies in kl will also give you the cars not in good condition especially if you are tight on budget.

If you know exactly what car you are looking for then you are good to go.

Renting a car is actually very good because you save a lot of money by not worrying about maintenance of the car, road tax, car insurance cost and you would not need to learn about the little hideous things of maintaining a car have.

In KL, there is a lot of luxury car rental companies with easy renting procedures and you can rent almost any car from budget to luxurious or sports cars.

Book in Advance with Car Rental in KL

When you book in advance you can negotiate on the car rental and also have other options in case you are eyeing for 2 or 3 different cars.

It saves you time as well as everything is planned. You can book online or by confirming on text with us as well.

Often you have a big discount if you book for at least 7 days or even bigger discount from luxury car rental companies in kl if you book for 2 or 3 weeks.

Do let the car rental agent know about car pick up location and time. Also, you can discuss your travelling plan with them as to what purpose would you be using the car for and driving area.

You can rent a car in kuala lumpur as long as you have a valid driving license or even if it is an international driving license.

Normally luxury car renting companies ask for a deposit for booking and safety purpose, make sure you ask for a receipt of the deposit so you can claim it back when you return the car.

Unfortunately, there are many companies in kl who offer very good prices for car but they do not return the deposit. Always check the luxury car rental in Malaysia companies social media account and see if they have any bad review or comments on their posts, you might want to stay far from them.

Always make a full video of the car when it is delivered to you and also take photos and send to the agent so you and the agent can see if there are any previous damages to the cars. If you have a video proof you will be safe. 🙂

Always make sure you discuss about the return date and time and if there is late delivery or something you can discuss any extra charges with the agent.

You also want to look at the road tax if it is expired or damage so you wont get in trouble with local authorities.

If you are careful with the above points you can enjoy any car on rent with peace.

Please let us know if we miss any tip that you may know so we can share with other people.