A Bentley Flying Spur rental is great for travelers who need a car that is fast, powerful, and luxurious. The Flying Spur is one of the most opulent cars that you can rent on your trip with us at Luxury Car Rental in KL, making it a great option for business travelers. 

  • The comfortable seats and smooth support of the Flying spur provide travelers with a cushioned, cloud-like driving experience. It handles well on country roads and busy city streets, and with its 470-liter trunk, offers travelers a lot in terms of storage space, making it a perfect fit for those looking to match comfort and practicality. 



The interior cabin space of the Bentley Flying Spur – at the very top of its class – is beautifully crafted to suit even the most sensitive passengers out there. 

  • Created with comfort in mind, the Flying Spur’s seats and suspension cushion every pot hole on the road for one of the smoothest driving experiences you’ve ever had. The Flying Spur seats up to 5 adult passengers, with plenty of legroom and headroom in every seat. The cabin is aesthetically pleasing, too. Authentic is the word that best describes it. 

Every surface is covered with wood, leather, or chrome, with no cheap plastics or synthetic material used as filler. The loudest noise that passengers hear comes from the air conditioner because the cabin is so well sealed and sound-proofed. 

  • Technologically speaking, the Flying Spur is stunning. With state of the art audio, navigation, and temperature control, and with two large video monitors for rear passengers, it is among the top picks in terms of entertainment, comfort, and driving condition support. This car is sure to impress clients.

One drawback to the Flying Spur is its fuel economy. Because it is such a powerful machine, with a W12 engine, it can’t compete with smaller, less responsive cars. Getting 16 miles per gallon, the Flying Spur can be a bit expensive to operate, but for travelers willing to spend a little more for the added comfort, the Bentley Flying Spur will not disappoint 😉


The Bentley Flying Spur is one of the best options for luggage storage. The 470-liter trunk area can store up to 4 large suitcases, with additional space for smaller bags and loose items. The rear seats fold forward, giving some extra room for large, awkward items. 

  • Handsome, isn’t it? Check out the proportions: the sense that the front wheels have been pulled forward, the windscreen sloping back in sympathy, the way it sits on its wheels. In profile, it’s a bloody good bit of design. We’ve never been able to say that about any other car before.

If you would like to reserve a Bentley Flying Spur for your trip, you can trust Luxury Car Rental to get you the best rates. Book online using our simple website https://legendarycarrental.com , or call us at 011 1102 0111 to speak to a specialist 😉